Who we are

Established by the family and friends of Bethany Hamilton, a well-known professional surfer who lost her arm to a shark bite at the age of 13, Friends of Bethany is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization who’s vision is to establish individuals to be Overcomers in Christ. To bring that vision into reality, we reach out to encourage a broken world by offering hope to overcome through Jesus Christ.

What we do


We hold conferences and retreats in order to encourage those who have experienced limb-loss, or other difficult situations.

Inspiring Life Stories

We share inspiring life stories using film, print, and other mediums in order to comfort and encourage people in need.

First Reponse Team

Our First Response Team is a group of volunteers who respond immediately when we hear of a new shark attack survivor or traumatic amputee. Encouragement Packages are sent or hand delivered to bring Hope to Overcome.
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Our Unique Approach (Core Values)

  • Honest and true to our faith, making sure everything we do is centered around our passion for the gospel of Christ and desire to share the love of God with the broken world.
  • Caring.  Showing compassion toward all those in need.
  • Respectful of our namesake. We utilize Bethany’s international platform and aim to convey a sense of her healthy, active lifestyle in each of our programs.
  • Effective. Making a noticeable difference in the lives of individuals and groups we reach.
  • Holistic. We empower those we reach to be their best in all areas of life.
  • Personal. We seek to build lasting mentorship relationships with the attendees in order to be a resource and an encouragement to them on their life journey as they mature personally, professionally, and spiritually in their knowledge of God and Christian character.

Why we do it

We believe there is a longing within every individual to overcome the trials, pains, and difficulties of life. We believe that longing is answered and fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “In the world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) Jesus is the only One who has overcome sin, death, and Satan on our behalf! We seek to share this message as we reach out in practical and meaningful ways to serve those who need us most.