Madysen had an amazing time at the retreat. It was life changing for her!
Bethanne Acey- Mother of 2013 Attendee
The BF retreat has forever changed my life in a wonderful way. I have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. I have grown spiritually, relationally, and emotionally.
Carley Cottingham- Annual Attendee
Beautifully Flawed gave me the courage to be confident about my limb loss instead of being ashamed. This retreat changed my life in ways that I didn’t even think we’re possible
Alexa Grady- 2015 Attendee
The [Beautifully Flawed] retreat was incredible, it was above and beyond anything I could have expected!
Allie Frick- 2013 Attendee
The Beautifully Flawed retreat was a highlight of my life. It was one of the first moments in life that I truly felt God’s love, even with my flaws. It gave me hope that I can overcome my struggles and it made me realize that I don’t have to do it alone.
Haylee Atkinson- 2015 Attendee


After four successful annual events, Beautifully Flawed has become Friends of Bethany’s most established program. A retreat designed for young women ages 14-25 who have experienced the loss of at least one limb, the purpose of Beautifully Flawed is three-fold: evangelistic, inspirational and encouraging, and practical. It’s also full of fun and creating lifelong friendships! We bring girls together who have experienced something traumatic and let them know that they’re not alone, and that there is a God who loves them and sees them as beautiful.

Past guest speakers include Bethany Hamilton, Lauren Scruggs-Kennedy, Carley Cottingham, and Sarah Hill.  The Retreat also includes experts offering practical health and wellness tips that specifically account for limb differences. Dustin Dillberg of Pain Free Kauai, Bethany’s trainer and co-author of her recent book Body and Soul, assists attendees with postural training, to keep the girl’s spines aligned as their bodies compensate for limb loss. In past years, we’ve had the honor to work with Walking On Water, an organization based in Carlsbad, California, who co-hosts surf lessons for the attendees.



2017 Retreat

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our fifth annual Beautifully Flawed retreat this October 9-12 in Del Mar, CA. With limited space available be sure to submit your application if you qualify between 14-25 years of age and have loss of at least one limb.

Retreat Cost: $750 which will cover 3 nights lodging, all meals included, and transportation to/from San Diego airport. * This cost does not include airfare.




Harbaugh LogoWe cannot put on this event without the love, prayer and financial support of caring people like you. We are grateful to the George and Betty Harbaugh Foundation for partnering with us on the 2017 Beautifully Flawed Retreat.

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For more information about our retreat you can email info@friendsofbethany.com