Amy Martinez: Overcomers Gala Honoree

At age 28, Amy was hospitalized in February of 2015 due to her organs suddenly failing. Amy’s body became septic, and she soon lost all four of her limbs.

Friends of Bethany Hamilton followed Amy’s story closely as it unraveled, reaching out her to while she was in the hospital. We invited Amy to attend our Beautifully Flawed Amputee retreat, this being only 6 months after her limb loss.

Come the day of the retreat, Amy called, a little timid to go, concerned about all the things she wouldn’t be able to do for herself. We encouraged Amy to come. She brought her mom to the retreat with her so that she would have the assistance she needed. Throughout the weekend Amy and her mom quickly opened up and you could see that through the theme and message of Beautifully Flawed, they began to find healing and hope for all that they had faced. Amy and her mom separately shared with Sarah the impact that Friends of Bethany Hamilton had made on their lives. It was just what they needed in the midst of a broken spirit. They both left that weekend with their faces radiant with joy, seeing that their story had not ended, but a beautiful chapter was beginning.

Today, Amy meets with other quad amputees while still in the hospital, offering them hope and courage to be Overcomer’s! Amy has chosen not to be a victim of her situation but a victor. We love being able to walk this journey with Amy.

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