Friends of Bethany provides many opportunities to reach the world with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Please complete the form below if you are interested in lending your time and talents to the ministry.


Please check the boxes above of where you would like to serve. Note: you can choose more than one
Volunteers are required to act in a professional manner understanding that as a volunteer you represent the organization and any act you perform is viewed as an act of FOB itself. Under no circumstances is a volunteer to "harass" any celebrity guests such as asking for autographs or photos, asking the celebrity guests to make phone calls to friends or acting "starstruck" in general. As a volunteer, you must always act in a professional manner. If you are unable to control yourself around the celebrity guests, please do not volunteer.
I authorize Friends of Bethany Hamilton to conduct a criminal background check and a reference check in accordance with the FOBH Child Protection Policy. I understand that the following would prevent a person from working with FOB: a) Any crime against children. No exceptions will be made. b) Any sex crime of any type. No exceptions will be made. c) Any felony convictions. Exceptions require the approval of the Board Chair.